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Our focus and specialty on WordPress make our success in the market.


For Start-up, Freelancer, Solopreneur, and Corporate, Kobit Technologies do:



WordPress Developer

We provide FIXED Bid project Website and Maintenance project at 50% price lower than a market price. Kobit Engineers are Prod Designers.

WordPress Trainer

We provide have WP Trainer at affordable price for Students, Freelancer to learn WordPress website development to start their freelancing career.

C2C WP Developer

We have certified WordPress developer having capability of developing Theme, and Plugin at affordable rate starting $9 /hr rate card.


Project 1:

Akumen Artificial Intelligence is an innovative Start Up company in Manipur. Kobit Technologies support creating their brand with new Website to create more visibility about their company.

Service: Website Design and Development

Technology & Plugin Used: 

Project 2:

Digiboom India is s start up company providing Digital Marketing Services and Web design services.  Kobit Technologies provide dedicated WordPress Migration support for their Client.

Service: WordPress Migration and Hosting Support

Technology & Plugin Used: 

Project 3:

ABCL Drone Solutions help farmers with drone services by spraying of agricultural input on time. We also help with the drone training and maintenance of drone parts. We are providing drone pilots on the need basis. Kobit Technologies develop their website in just 1 day.

Service: Website Design and Development

Technology & Plugin Used: 

Project 4:

Elite Infotech is a Web Development agency. Our experienced Designers and web Engineers, SEOs, digital marketing experts, and IT supervisors specialize in business websites development. Kobit Technologies provide unique Design and development services and created more than 40 pages website in just 2 weeks.

Service: Domain & Hosting Platform, UX Design and Development

Technology & Plugin Used: 

Project 5:

“Kikuhisa”  Is An U.S. Government Authorized Body That Regulates U.S. Broker-Dealers To Protect the Everybody Can Securely In The Business. Kobit Technologies provide website improvement suggestion and website updates whenever needed.

Service: Website Updates & Maintenance.

Technology & Plugin Used: 


Our Client choose us and always come back for:


We love to discuss about your business goal and plan. We provide FREE consultation and support.


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